The radical allows the 1/8 of slope to be measured in even consistency where an uneven diameter would follow second at order of operations per desired project naturally.

Circumference Ruler Mit
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Radilote: Root foundation of light year at DART (vaccum to atm of photosynthesis).
NGC622  = 14.6 years at DART for travel.
1 light year equals 5 hours at DART.

Place Bacteria Among Environment to determine if chemistry is natural, unique or (natural disaster or unnatural disaster, shown through radical green hues)🗿🗿 Temperature and Function Navigation:
Interstellar 72° Fahrenheit  Aeroscale Navigation

S(a,b)=f[d=f(a),x,y e=f(a)x,y f=f(a)x,y] Radical Periodic Table Palette🗿🗿
PEMDAS : Using Radicals,
Qaudriatic Equation

Crystallization Determines 
Break or Division
at Increase or Decrease

Use of Base Denotes 
Increase or Decrease

Base is equal to a non reactive state
of a Compound as well contains the reactive placement and functions

When choosing Compound or Base
solve for solution at the most abundant 
Source of operations with direction of Increase or Decrease

Environment Asthetics (Abundance/PEMDAS)

Weight (Increase or Decrease)
Gas : Crystal = Increase
Liquid : Crystal = Increase
Solid : Crystal = Decrease
Sound : Crystal = db low with 
low proportional,  Increase (high = Decrease), (low and high = proportional before 
Increase or Decrease)
Light : Crystal = High Geometry function proportional, Decrease result, (low = Increase)

Celcius is a dynamic measure of an unknown at the study of habitual origins for use in chemical temperature placement or compounds: Fahrenheit

Example Above:

Author : Justin Craig Venable
Radical Deepscale

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